The Lost Taste - Green Needle AKTION

This delicious cactus tastes sweet and sour and is fruity fresh! Let yourself be stung by the green needle and take you into the fruity fresh world!

The Lost Taste - Stonefruit AKTION

This fruit has it all! A fruity, sweet peach that sends your taste buds away!

The Lost Taste - Blue God AKTION

The Call of the Blue God takes you on a special flavor journey full of fresh, juicy blueberries.

The Lost Taste - Strawberry River AKTION

Cross the raging strawberry river. A particularly fruity taste experience for the senses. Fruity, sweet. Authentic.

The Lost Taste - Melon Cannon AKTION

The full load of watermelon. This melon tastes authentic after a wonderful summer fresh watermelon. Juicy & fruity, but not too sweet.